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Pagers for Sale: Voice, Tone, and Pager Systems

Are you scouring the internet looking for pagers for sale? Then you probably want to know a bit about pagers and the systems used to run them before you make a purchase. Voice and tone pagers enable recorded voice messaging, along with an alert that you have a page. Additionally, two-way pagers make it possible to send messages as well as receive them.
There may be regional or national networks for pagers in your system, to cover large areas. Conversely, an on-site paging system uses a small desktop transmitter. Using a beeper for restaurants generally falls into this category of pagers. You can see why it's important to understand these basic differences. It pays to know when you're seeking pagers for sale.
Both conventional and trunked pager systems can be either analog or digital. A conventional system uses a dedicated base and frequency for each channel in a system unless it's a shared channel. If a channel is in use the user must wait for it to clear before being able to transmit. The number of frequencies in the network limits this system. On the other hand, trunking uses several similar frequencies. They act as a communications site for users.
Wolfe Communications is a firefighter run, family business. We specialize in tone and voice pagers and two-way communications for Police, Fire, and EMS services. We're factory authorized as strategic partners with our suppliers. And, we participate in product development and beta testing, to help drive product enhancements. Finally, we only recommend and sell products proven durable in tough conditions. Your satisfaction is our goal. We always welcome your questions. Not only that but we also offer quantity discounts.
Give us a call today, if you need some assistance. Or shop online now.

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