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Unication Pager

Unication Pager G-Series Voice Digital Paging System

Unication's G-Series Voice is a digital paging system. It boasts a two-tone network and a P25 Network for improved coverage and voice clarity. The G2 and G4 support various trunking and conventional systems. G3 and G5 series support all that G2 and G4 support, plus MDC 1200, two and five-tone on both bands. Above all, the Unication Pager series is reliable. They have an IP67 rating. This rating ensures the equipment is waterproof and dustproof. The Unification Pager series is also durable enough to hold up in all kinds of conditions. The Unication Pager G-Series Voice Digital Paging System supports multiple IDs. It also has a full spectrum scan with a 4kHz deviation for Direct mode communications.
If you're searching for a Unication Pager G-Series, check out the line at Wolfe Communications. Your satisfaction is our goal. We always welcome your questions. Not only that but we also offer quantity discounts. Give us a call if you need some help.

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