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Swissphone Pager

Swissphone Pager: Unique Features and Functional Design

A Swissphone pager has state-of-the-art performance features, a functional design, intuitive operation, and loud alerting. It's also reliable, durable, and easy to wear. The Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology and the s.ONE software solution makes it easy to connect. Plus, the software is compatible with your smartphone or other BLE enabled devices. Not only that, but the integrated RFID chip enables even more personalized functions. One of the many key advantages is, the ability to use a smartphone or computer screen to display what emergency personnel are available in a crisis. You can also track how many personnel respond to the page.
If you're searching for pager solutions, don't overlook the Swissphone pager. You can buy it online at Wolfe Communications. Or give us a call if you have questions. Your satisfaction is our goal. Don't forget to ask about our quantity discounts.

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