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P25 Pager

P25 Pager vs. Digital Pager

The world is transforming from analog to digital communications technology. What this means for the future of alerting infrastructure is a switch in two-way voice communications. And also the paging systems that we use to alert emergency responders. Transitioning to a digital pager communication system leaves analog paging at a disadvantage. Analog pager users can't listen to the new P25 pager because of the recent technological update. What this means for you is that it's time to set the responders up with a digital pager.
P25 pagers are more expensive than a high-quality digital pager running on the predominant global standard protocol for digital paging. High-quality digital pagers are slim, lightweight, and durable. What's more, one battery can last up to three months, perfect for volunteer firefighters. P25 technology is for alerting networks for reliable coverage in remote areas. What this means is that P25 pagers may not work as well inside a building. During a crisis such as a massive fire, tornado, or earthquake, it's essential to alert firefighters quickly and effectively. A P25 system for voice alerting or cellular-based messaging solutions may not yet be viable for mission-critical communications systems. However, with strategically planned P25 tower P25 pagers have the flexibility to extend coverage as an area grows. Here's the thing, the P25 rollout only took a couple of weeks. The base stations are rack mounted on existing tower sites or wall mounted as needed.
Choosing between a P25 pager and a digital pager comes down to what your network is capable of now and how it can grow. If you need assistance in figuring out what you should choose, get in touch with us at Wolfe Communications. We're here to help.

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