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Fire Pagers

Motorola Pagers: Police, EMS Services and Fire Pagers

Fire pagers from Motorola are the answer to quick and reliable communications. They're excellent for police, EMS, as well as volunteer and professional firefighters. These fire pagers provide cost-effective communication solutions. And they're the ideal way to dispatch emergency services. They're rugged, compact, and always reliable. Motorola pagers have been supporting the needs of fire and rescue services since1941.
You can customize call alerts and channel announcements to easily communicate with your crew. Not only that but you also have the options to set up profiles for different callers via vibrate mode. Of course, it's vital to have flexible battery options out in the field, too. Motorola pagers come with a rechargeable battery. Plus, you can get an alkaline battery tray for in-field battery replacement. There are other essential responder accessories as well, such as a built-in voice amplifier. Motorola pagers go through arduous Accelerated Life Testing. After they complete the tests, the company certifies the Intrinsically Safe models. What this means is that they're safe for use in hazardous environments. These fire pagers have LED Indicators that provide an audiovisual indication they're powered up. They also alert you to an incoming message, unread messages, and scan mode. The indicators keep track of the battery status, too. Additionally, you can set it to tone or vibrate. And enhanced options include the standard announcement and, also announces whether you're on or off duty. Of course, there are priority alert settings as well, because some of us are never off duty.
At Wolfe Communications we only recommend and proven reliable fire pagers. Your satisfaction is our goal. We always welcome your questions. Not only that but we also offer quantity discounts. Give us a call if you need some help. Or shop online today.

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