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EMS Pager

EMS Pager: Voice Alerting Pagers

Voice pagers are a vital piece in emergency medical services communications. It's hard to believe that we’re still using this technology today, with all the advancements. However, alerting pagers are still the quickest, efficient, and reliable way to communicate with EMS. Why? Because in a crisis channels get oversaturated with calls. Today, an EMS pager can work as part of a wireless multicast system, sending secure text message alerts to thousands of people at a time, in seconds. Not only that but satellite links can control the systems, so whatever is happening on the ground won't affect communications.
Alerting pagers are vital to emergency management, with multicast transmitters. An EMS pager works in environments where radio and wireless telephone communication fail. These systems providing inherent redundancy with multiple transmitters are more reliable. Motorola manufactures the most popular alerting pagers such as the Minitor VI. But you'll want to look into Unication, with a two-tone network and a P25 Network for improved coverage and voice clarity. The G2 and G4 support various trunking and conventional systems. G3 and G5 series support all that G2 and G4 support, plus MDC 1200, two and five-tone on both bands. Above all, the Unication Pager series is reliable. Swissphone is another reliable name in an EMS pager.
At Wolfe Communications we specialize in tone and voice pagers and two-way communications for Police, Fire, and EMS services. Our suppliers are also partners who we work within product development to help drive product updates. Finally, we only recommend and sell products proven durable in tough conditions. Your satisfaction is our goal. We always welcome your questions. Not only that but we also offer quantity discounts.
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